Evelyn Crowley is a  
.  She likes to make smart,  
  things for the internet and real life.  She also likes to think about how companies can  
  content to connect and resonate with their audience.  Evelyn started her career in editorial, where she learned the value of storytelling and the difference between a colon and semi-colon.  She eventually made her way into marketing and advertising, inspired by the role that brands have come to play in our lives and their stake in shaping today’s  
.  Evelyn has worked with publications (Vogue, W), big companies (Spotify, Levis, Revlon), creative agencies (Spring Studios, Imprint Projects) and early-stage ventures (natureofthings, 11 Honore) alike. She is available for brand strategy, content roadmapping and strategy, social media everything, ad campaigns, copywriting and script writing.  
  a list of her work here.

And now, some fun-ish facts: Evelyn is based in Austin, where she runs the digital culture site The Caret and enjoys the occasional  
  with her 
, Hedda.

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